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The TABLE Pig Roast!

This past weekend Chef Jered served the third TABLE event with C3 High Street. We had about 40 guests gather at the Dovercourt Community Hall (what a great hall – and we spend a lot of time in community halls). Chef Jered and Chef Dale spent the afternoon outside roasting a local hog (from the Warburg Hutterite Colony just outside of Edmonton) in our “La Caja China” ie. pig box.

Anastasia Giancola from C3 High Street created a beautiful cozy atmosphere with her decor:

Everyone arrived to enjoy a Mojito before dinner began.

To start Chef Jered had Empanadas – a phyllo pastry filled with beef and spices.

Next up was a Cuban style Croquette with smoked country ham, potatoes and cheese breaded and fried. Served with a curry aioli.

The Salad course was one of our client favorites – Halloumi and Watermelon with cucumbers, mint and a balsamic glaze. Halloumi is a Cypriot / Mediterranean cheese that can be grilled or pan fried and keep it’s delicious spongy texture.

Leading up to the main Chef Jered served his take on a Cuban Rice & Beans dish – Simmered Kidney Beans with Chorizo over wild rice. Next up was a simple fresh local corn on the cob with butter, paprika, salt, pepper and lime.

Not pictured was also a side of Chef Jered’s Skinny Fries – with lemon, rosemary and oregano.

Finally the main course arrived of Chef Jered’s take on a Cuban Pork Sandwich. With fresh rolls from a local bakery, a tangy red cabbage coleslaw, bright yellow traditional mustard, swiss cheese and crunchy pickles! I was shocked to see people taking 3 or 4 servings of this sandwich after such a filling meal. I may have even seen a few people wrap these up and tuck them away in their purses for later. I won’t name any names of course.

Of course a night like this wouldn’t be complete with a head shot of the guest of honor:

To finish the evening – not pictured – were some freshly fried tortillas with cinnamon and sugar, and some vanilla bean ice cream.

It was a great night – beautiful ambience, delicious food, fresh and tasty mojitos – and friendly guests with great appetites! Stay tuned for the next TABLE event.


LNG & Chef Jered

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