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Moroccan TABLE Dinner

We could have asked for a more beautiful night, and beautiful home to gather a small group of 40 guests to dine at a backyard long table dinner. The event planners had chosen a Moroccan themed menu.

Chef Jered and Chef Dale served the meal at a luxuriously slow pace, starting off the night with mixed marinated olives, Moroccan flatbread with Hummus and Roasted Eggplant dips. Following were the Sesame Honey Crusted Halloumi Bites:

The next course was a citrusy and tangy Orange, Mint and dried Apricot Quinoa Salad:

After the salad, the proteins started coming in groups including Chermoula marinated and grilled shrimp, Moroccan Chicken Thighs, Moroccan Lemon & Cardamom Meatballs and Spiced Carrots with Feta & Mint:

To finish the evening, you can't have a Moroccan Meal without Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shoulder!

It was such a pleasure to serve this happy crowd, and everyone left with tired eyes from so much food and happy smiles on their faces!


LNG & Chef Jered

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