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  • Lisa Evangelos

Canadian Theme @ the Old Red Barn

We had such a great time working with Matthew & Melissa in July with our Southern BBQ long table dinner, we had to have a do over this month. This time we sat down to brainstorm some Canadian culinary staple flavours to bring together a Canadian Themed farm to table dinner experience. All things maple, bacon, dairy, sweet potato, elk and bison.

It was very important to the Schurs and us to make sure to highlight some talented Albertan vendors. We were thrilled to work alongside the Alberta Wapiti Coop for the elk sausage, and Pipestone Elk Farms for the bison tenderloin. We also featured Oka cheese from Quebec, Maple Bacon Whiskey from Saddleback Distillery in Ontario, housemade ricotta from Dairyland dairy (which Glen Park Holsteins farm provides their dairy to) and fresh berries from Brix'n'Berries just down the highway from the Old Red Barn.

It was another piping hot evening, so instead of the typical loft location this time we set up on the veranda and kept the wonderful company of the beautiful Old Red Barn horses.

Another fantastic evening on the farm, thanks to Matthew & Melissa for having us. We hope to work with you again next year!


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