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International Chefs Day 2022!

After two years of not being able to celebrate International Chefs Day in person with our lovely children and their classes, we were SO excited to get to spend time at Edmonton Christmas West School with the Grade two and Grade four class this week!

We brought back one of our favourite ways to celebrate "Growing a Healthy Future", and built Friendship Fruit Salads together.

Each child in each class (80 kids in total) were assigned a fruit to bring. As we went through the nutritional benefits of each fruit together, we assembled some DELICIOUS and MASSIVE fruit salads.

Thrive brought along some super healthy fruit salads toppings - yogurt, hemp hearts, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut, organic pumpkin seed granola and some rainbow sprinkles for good measure.

Everyone devoured their salads and were presented with a fun little scroll bundle that included an International Chefs Day Participation Certificate, some healthy recipes to try at home, and a healthy foods word search!

Thank you so much to Mrs. Heather Greene and Mrs. Brooke Schaitel for hosting us, and special thanks to our little foodies Wren (grade two) and Asher (grade four) for being so excited to have their mum and dad back in class, and for being our special little helpers!

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